A CDPC internal evaluation report that outlines the CDPC’s performance, important learnings and evidence of implementation during the period of 2013-2018 has been released.

The Final CDPC Evaluation Report provides an in-depth examination of CDPC operations, partnerships and evidence of impact achieved over the five-year period, using qualitative and quantitative measures.

Below is a brief overview of the study findings from the project team and report authors, Dr Shannon McDermott and Alexandra Kitching.

“The evaluation showed that the CDPC has achieved solid performance, groundbreaking partnerships, and medium to large scale implementation across six of its nine impact areas. The CDPC achieved high levels of outputs and communication, contributing to the collective knowledge on effective approaches to caring for people living with dementia.

Individual CDPC activities achieved national influence in the areas of supported decision-making and evidence about the true cost of caring for people living with dementia. There is a strong potential for future national impact in the areas of clinical decision-making and appropriate medication management.

The CDPC evaluation also uncovered several lessons that could inform and improve future partnership models. Some of these lessons include ensuring that partner expectations are clear from the beginning; fostering open, direct communication among network members; and building trust among partners.

Facilitating genuine consumer involvement was sometimes challenging, and future partnership centres may benefit from involving more underrepresented groups of consumers. It is critical that impact statements embedded in any work plan are realistic in scale and scope, and partners should have shared expectations regarding the timeframe and scope for these to occur.”

Please contact the CDPC Directorate team on sms.cdpc@sydney.edu.au for more information.

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