The Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) final report “Evidence for Change: CDPC Final Report” outlines the evidence and impacts (knowledge, health, social, and economic) of the CDPC’s thirty-two research projects over the past six years. The report highlights the research outcomes within the eight identified CDPC themes of Clinical Guidelines, Care Environment and Quality of Life, Medication Management, Attitudes to Dementia, Planning Decision Making and Risk, Maintaining Function, Sustainable Workforce, and Care Service Pathways.

Projects with demonstrated ‘Research Impact’, whose outcomes have been adopted, adapted for use, or have informed further research studies are highlighted throughout the report, while the development of resources and their dissemination are captured under “Evidence for change”.

The report also outlines the partnership model and the universal culture of co-creation. Working with people with dementia, or someone who is caring or has cared for a person with dementia, as well industry partners Brightwater Care Group, HamondcCare, Helping Hand Aged Care and Australia’s leading dementia advocacy body Dementia Australia from its inception has ensured the CDPC and its program of research remained relevant.

In her Director’s Report, Professor Susan Kurrle (University of Sydney) explains that it is the involvement of end-users throughout the research process that has influenced the success of the CDPC.

“…their involvement has enhanced the reach and impact of our work. Their lived experience has provided an expertise that has influenced not only our research outcomes but our individual project team’s approach to the research process.”

The CDPC partners and network had a vision to improve the lives of people living with dementia and have worked together to create, communicate, and deliver new and existing knowledge that improves care practices and drives system change in the care of people with dementia and for their carers. This report demonstrates CDPC has gone a long way to delivering against this vision.