The project, ‘Consumer Journey Modelling’, mapped out the current state and future ideal state of the health care journey that people with cognitive decline and dementia experience in Australia.

The research identified that a clear individualised wellness plan, informed and supported by a “Future Care Program” would be beneficial to enable consumers to understand what a consumer’s journey is through the health care system.

The research found consumers wanted wellness and future care programs and plans that include social well-being, individual care pathways, access to services, legal advice, financial planning, end of life planning, regular monitoring of progression, peer support, and health and fitness.

Five key themes to improve dementia care and services were identified by consumers:

  1. Better recognition of the early symptoms of dementia
  2. Consistent assessment and diagnostic process
  3. Improved communication when delivering a diagnosis
  4. Allocation of a ‘systems navigator’
  5. Development and review/update of an individual dementia wellness plan

Final Report

Understanding the Journey Better: An exploration of the current “state of play” of the health care journey experienced by people living with cognitive decline and their carers


Professor Anneke Fitzgerald