This project team from University of Newcastle (NSW) recognised the importance of having a guideline for GPs caring for people with dementia that is up to date. When this project commenced in 2014 the current guidelines dated back to 2003 and their availability was not well known.

The research team incorporated the current evidence in dementia care and management into information sheets and the People with Dementia: Care Guide for General Practitioners is also being developed and will be available here soon.

These updated guidelines incorporated feedback from GPs, primary care nurses, consumers and carers on how to translate guidelines into a simple and practicable flow sheets or decision aids.


People with dementia: A care guide for general practice

People with dementia: A care guide for general practice, assists with making decisions about how to provide the best care for a person with dementia. The guide addresses six priority topics that a GP or primary care worker is likely to encounter when providing care for a person with a dementia diagnosis.

This resource has been written by a team that includes GPs, primary care nurses, psychologists, a neuropsychiatrist and a researcher with expertise in multidisciplinary teamwork, as well as subspecialists in the topics covered. It provide information that is grounded and accessible for primary care practitioners, with flowcharts included to illustrate the pathway of care.

Information Sheets
– covering Key Messages, Practice Points, Literature Reviews, Resource Lists, and References

Professor Constance Dimity Pond