The goal of the Recommendations for a National Strategic Action Plan to reduce Inappropriate Polypharmacy is to improve quality use of medicines to optimise successful ageing in older Australians. This can only be widely achieved through the delivery of an integrated cohesive implementation plan, which includes collaboration and contribution of all stakeholders.

The National Strategic Action Plan is relevant to consumer, professional, academic, government and policy making organisations for the following purposes:

  • Raise awareness of the significant challenges polypharmacy creates for individuals and society.
  • Provide an integrated cohesive National Strategic Action Plan for a wide spectrum of stakeholders and settings (national and/or local organisations) to use when designing their own plans for reducing polypharmacy and optimising medicines use in their population.
  • Highlight the activities and resources needed as part of a cohesive framework to inform funding and policy decisions.

Read in full: Quality use of Medicines to Optimise Ageing in Older Australians: Recommendations for a National Strategic Action Plan to Reduce Inappropriate Polypharmacy


Professor Sarah Hilmer