Researchers from the University of Sydney, as part of the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre research program, examined the implementation of vitamin D supplements in Australian residential aged care facilities to reduce falls.

As part of the study a number of educational resources have been made available to educate relevant groups including GPs and pharmacists, aged care facility staff, residents and their families to support and facilitate the uptake of vitamin D supplement use by residents. Resources specific to each of these groups can be found under each relevant link at the bottom of this page.

See the below links for more information about the ViDAus study and why vitamin D supplements are important to prevent falls for residents in aged care homes.

Final Report

Final Summary Report: Focus on the implementation of vitamin D supplements in Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs)

Information for aged care facility managers and staff

Residential aged care homes have a responsibility to ensure strategies are adopted to minimise the risk of residents sustaining a fall.

Educational poster for your facility

Information for residents and families

Older people living in aged care homes are at high risk of falls. Having a fall or sustaining an injury from a fall can have serious consequences on health and quality of life. Older people are also at high risk of vitamin D deficiency.

There is strong evidence for the use of vitamin D supplements for older people living in aged care homes to reduce falls. It is recommended that residents and their families discuss vitamin D supplements with their GP to determine whether vitamin D supplements are suitable for them.

Brochure on vitamin D

Osteoporosis Australia Consumer Guide on Vitamin D:
English  Arabic  Chinese  Greek  Italian  Vietnamese

Information for GPs and pharmacists

Clinical Reference Tool for Falls Prevention
Osteoporosis Australia Medical Guide
Poster for your practice
Brochure for your patients
Fact Sheet on Vitamin D Testing
Vitamin D and calcium supplementation guide

Guidelines and position statements

Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in HealthCare Best Practice Guidelines 
RACGP Osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis and management in postmenopausal women and men over 50 years of age guidelines (2nd Edition)
Cochrane Review on Interventions for preventing falls in older people in care facilities and hospitals
Osteoporosis Australia Position Papers 

Professional Development Opportunities

Falls Prevention Evidence: A close look at the Cochrane reviews

Also see Australian Ageing Agenda July-August 2019 story


Professor Ian Cameron